…after all, one notebook can set your tone apart in the classroom


We all have dreamt of some unforgettable scenic views and our favorite idols being put at the title on our notebooks. And with Evernote Notebooks, the trend never slips out of your hands.

With sturdy binding, smooth pages, and uber-cool designs, Evernote Notebooks pushes the creator inside you to open up.

Whether it is the ‘Professor’ from a classic web series or a celeb from the Athletic world, there is never a chance you won’t be having a unique, aesthetic notebook being carried in your bag-pack.

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OUR Products

The Quality You Can Count On

Our products are an exemplary explanation of our supreme quality. The smooth texture of pages pinned together enhances writing and encourages writers to glide their pen naturally and express their mind and heart unstoppably. When you come across an Evernote Notebook, you set your eyes at an innovative piece selectively crafted and masterly constructed for a gleaming future like yours.

We Appreciate Your Suggestions

Evernote Notebooks emphasizes breaking new grounds every single day. We open-heartedly welcome the opinion of young learners to assist us in creating a world of better, upgraded notebooks.